SUP Yoga in Timmins

what to expect when trying sup yoga for the first time

You want to give SUP Yoga a try but you are nervous. I get it. You've never been on a paddle board before, you tried yoga a handful of times, and you are nervous AF about trying it out. This is how most people feel before they register for their first session. This is a space where newbies are welcome and encouraged to join. You'll be in good hands when you get on board with me this summer. 

Here are a few things to know before you meet me at the beach and get on the paddle board here in Timmins

We begin each class with a quick on land instruction. From there we set out on our boards and anchor in a nice calm spot on the water. We begin with a grounding meditation and slowly work our way to a mindful movement session on the board. We build poses from the board up and each student has the opportunity to push themselves as far as they feel comfortable (which sometimes includes a swim). We never really take ourselves too seriously on the water.

Here is what you need to know before your first SUP Yoga session

  • All supplies are included and will be waiting for you as you arrive - paddle boards, paddles, PFDs, leashes, and anchors.
  • No paddling or yoga experience needed. This experience is for everyone, however, you will want to make sure you know how to swim or are comfortable being in the water.
  • You'll want make sure to bring comfortable clothing, a bottle of water, sunscreen and a water. Leave your worries and any belongings you don't want to lose on shore.
  • 16+ and must be accompanied by an adult for those under 18
  • All SUP Yoga sessions are held at Hersey Lake (unless you've booked a Private Group Session where you selected your own location)


Experience SUP Yoga at Hersey Lake in Timmins this summer. Whether you're a beginner or feeling adventurous, join us for an introduction to SUP Yoga or take on the challenge of a SUP Yoga Flow class.


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