Top 5 SUP Paddle Spots in Timmins

How lucky are we to be surrounded by so many lakes and rivers here in Northern Ontario! I’m obsessed with finding new waterways to explore and thought I’d share some of the faves I found so far. 

It’s always a good idea to wear your PFD and pack your studs in your favourite dry bag while you are out paddling. 

Now here’s the list of my top 5 spots to paddle in Timmins. 

1. MacDonald Lake aka the Aunor 

I love hitting up the Aunor for hot summer sunset chillouts. You can find a launch spot at the end of Blue Jay Lane off of Gold Mine Road. It’s a small cold lake that’s perfect for jumping in on hot summer evenings and has breathtaking sunset views. A hidden gem that’s 5 minutes from the downtown core. 

2. Dugwal Pit Lake 

Seriously tho, have you seen the colour of the water at Dugwal Pit Lake? The best place for a hot afternoon picnic paddle with friends. The clear tropical-like water provides the best backdrop for those Instagramable shots. Find the lake here.

3. Porcupine River

The Porcupine River at the south end of Porcupine Lake packs a lot of adventure. You’ll paddle in a small intimate windy river, cross a rocky area via a mini-portage, and end at a beaver dam. You’ll have to cross the choppy waters of Porcupine Lake to find the river, I recommend intermediate paddle skills for this one. Taking a SUP Skills course before this adventure may be a good idea. You’ll want to launch at the end of Bloor Street then paddle to the river found on the map here. 

4. Three Nations Lake 

Three Nations Lake is the perfect lake for a 5k adventure. Follow the scenic shoreline to get the miles in while enjoy the dynamic views of the lake. It’s typically quiet with a couple fishermen trolling around. You’ll find the launch spot off of Highway 101 East just after the overpass - see it on the map here. 

5. Bob’s Lake 

Have you paddled Bob’s Lake? This is the perfect sized lake for an afternoon paddle adventure. With Bob’s Burger right beside the lake, it’s the perfect balance of paddling and poutine during a sunny summer afternoon. You’ll find a place to launch just before Bob’s Burger  off of Highway 101, find it here on the map. 

 I would love to start a thread of paddling spots here. Do you have any lakes or rivers to add to this list? Please share in the comments below. 

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Thanks for this. Please keep the spots coming.


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