your guide to solo retreat experiences

your guide to solo retreat experiences

I remember packing my bags to prepare for my first solo travel adventure to Brazil over 10 years ago... 

But, “You’re going alone?

That was the first response I usually got from people. I was nervous yet I knew it was something I wanted to experience in this lifetime. I had been dreaming about it for a long time and I wasn’t going let fear stop me. To me solo travel is the most freeing and empowering journey I’ve ever experienced. 

Attending a yoga retreat on your own can feel terrifying - I get it! It’s normal to feel nervous, but let’s be real, this is exactly where growth happens, when you step outside of your comfort zone. 
So let’s talk about how you how you can move past the nerves to dive into a life changing journey. 

my tips for going on a yoga retreat on your own

do your research and choose the right retreat

Start your solo adventure by carefully selecting a yoga retreat that aligns with your interests and goals. Whether you're seeking a serene beachside retreat or a mountainous escape, make sure the location and style of yoga resonates with you. Read reviews, connect with the organizer, and choose a retreat that promotes a welcoming and inclusive environment. This is your opportunity to connect with like-minded people, make sure it feels aligned. 

connect virtually with the host before the retreat

Contact the host, ask to connect and chat! Sharing your excitement, concerns, and expectations will not only ease your solo travel jitters but also set the stage for genuine connections.


set realistic expectations

Understand that not every moment needs to be filled with social interactions. Give yourself permission to take breaks and engage at your own pace. Pack your journal with you for moments of solitude. 

participate in workshops and activities.

Attend organized activities and workshops that facilitate natural interactions. These activities are designed to help participants connect and often provide a comfortable space for introductions. Allow yourself to show up as you are and immerse yourself in the experience.You’ll gain so much more out of your retreat is you choose to participate fully! 

practice mindfulness to stay present

Utilize the tools of yoga and mindfulness to stay present and manage anxiety. Breathing exercises, meditation, and gentle yoga sessions can be powerful allies in calming the mind and body.
I know how intimidating it could be to try something new for the first time, but what’s the alternative? Wishing your whole life you would have gone? 
Our Rebel Soul Experiences & Retreats are curated to foster connection, community, and spark meaningful conversations with like-minded people. Because we get how scary it can be to do things on your own, we have all been there! 
Here’s what Michelle has to say about Rebel Soul: 
"You may walk in alone, but once inside, I promise, you will truly find your people! And if you don’t, the environment is so warm, welcoming and a safe space that your people will find you.Whatever it is that you are feeling, be it nervous, anxious, scared, etc., there’s probably others feeling the same way. Trust that we are truly never alone❤️" ~ Michelle 
Our Rebel Soul Retreats designed to allow you to connect with others in a meaningful way with plenty to time to rest and rejuvenate on your own. 

Visit the Rebel Soul website to find out more about how you can join our next yoga, adventure, and transformational retreat!

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