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Rebel Soul Retreats offer you a sacred space to break free from daily life and reconnect with your purpose. Cultivate courage, explore the edges of your comfort zone, connect with like-minded people, and gain a deeper understanding of your own inner rebel soul!

Join us on a journey of transformation where you’ll be guided through intention movement practices, thought-provoking journal prompts, invigorating outdoor adventures, and enriching conversations. Our soul-nourishing activities are designed to foster a deep connection with oneself and leave you feeling rejuvenated!!  

In 2024, you’ll have a chance to join us across Ontario, in Algonquin Park, and in Costa Rica! Don’t miss out!!! Sign-up to receive our exclusive retreat invitations for 2024. 

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Rebel Soul Yoga Retreats focus on cultivating courage, serenity, purpose, and community offering a blend of embodied movement practices, a chance to reflect, campfire conversations, and outdoor adventures.

Explore the adventure on a backcountry yoga paddleboard retreat, continue your yoga teacher training with an ariel or SUP YTT, or discover your passion with a yoga art retreat.

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