a space for wellness, nature, and business

Rebel Soul is the space for the soul seekers, the adventurers, and creative boss babes. A space where you can leave the comforts of the shore, stand-in our power, and anchor into our truth. This is where we make waves. Break free and evolve. A space for the outdoorsy types, the personal growth junkies, and the soulful entrepreneurs. Those of us who aren’t afraid to get messy and step outside the box.

Rebel Soul brings people together and builds community. Here, you’ll find information on our outdoor experiences, SUP paddle boarding, in-studio yoga series, personal growth workshops, and business services in Timmins, Ontario. You’ll find your people here!

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hey! i'm sylvie

I’m a free-spirited outdoorsy kind-of-gal who loves meeting people at the edges of their comfort zone. I’m that friend who’ll empower you to discover your purpose and go after what sets your soul on fire. As a multi-passionate entrepreneur obsessed with personal growth, digital marketing, event planning, teaching yoga, and hosting unique experiences. I created Rebel Soul out of my passion to bring people together and build community. This is a space for us to connect, dream, and grow together - in business and in life. I’d love to connect with you!

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