discover the best places to stand-up paddle board in timmins

discover the best places to stand-up paddle board in timmins

If you're a fan of stand-up paddle boarding, you don't want to miss out on these top recommended locations in Timmins. Living in Northern Ontario is a blessing with many lakes and rivers to explore. During the summer months in Timmins, Ontario, I enjoy discovering these waterways on my stand-up paddle board.

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Here are my top 5 favourite spots to stand-up paddle board in Timmins

1. MacDonald Lake: A Hidden Gem for Summer Sunsets on your SUP board. 

If you are looking for a cool summer retreat, consider visiting MacDonald Lake aka the Aunor. Find the perfect spot to launch your Stand-Up Paddle Board at the end of Blue Jay Lane off of Gold Mine Road. This small, cold lake provides a refreshing escape on hot summer evenings, with breathtaking sunset views. You'll be surprised to know that this hidden gem is just a five-minute drive from the downtown core.

2. Dugwal Pit Lake: Get the Instagrammable SUP Board Photos 

Have you ever witnessed the breathtaking turquoise water at Dugwal Pit Lake? It's the ultimate destination for a relaxing afternoon Stand-Up Paddle Board session with friends. The crystal-clear, tropical-like water is not only perfect for a refreshing swim, but also provides the ideal backdrop for capturing Instagram-worthy shots.

3. Thrilling Adventures on Porcupine River: A Must-Do for Intermediate Paddlers

If you crave excitement and enjoy challenging waterways, Porcupine River is the perfect destination for you. Prepare to navigate through a small, winding river, cross a rocky terrain via a mini-portage, and reach a beaver dam. However, be aware that intermediate paddling skills are required to cross the choppy waters of Porcupine Lake to reach the river. We recommend taking a SUP Skills course before embarking on this adventure. Launching from the end of Bloor Street and paddling to the river marked on the map here is the best way to begin your journey.

4. Discover the Beauty of Three Nations Lake on your paddle board

Looking for a scenic lake to embark on a 5k adventure? Look no further than Three Nations Lake. With its stunning shoreline and dynamic views, this is the perfect spot to get your miles in. The lake is usually peaceful, with a few fishermen out on the water. You can find the launch spot just off of Highway 101 East, right after the overpass. Check out the map here to plan your visit!

5. Schnitzels & SUP Boarding at Bob’s Lake 

Looking for a serene spot to paddle? Look no further than Bob's Lake! This picturesque lake is perfect for an afternoon of exploration by SUP. And after you've worked up an appetite, head across the street to Schnitzels & Strudels North to indulge in a tasty Schnitzel while basking in the sun. 

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