let go of the shore and make waves

The Stand Up Paddleboarding is a lifestyle - it’s about living in the moment and going with the flow. We get on board to find balance, build strength, and feed our soul. Are you ready to make waves? It’s time to let go of the shore, stand-in your power, and allow the beauty of your soul ripple into this world. Join me on the water this summer!

SUP Yoga, Paddle Skills training, SUP Socials, Private Group SUP Sessions, and Special Events with a Paddle Canada Certified Instructor & Certified SUP Yoga Teacher.

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SUP yoga @ hersey

Join us in the floating studio

SUP Yoga is a fun way to improve your strength, balance, and flexibility while having fun on the water! Join the Intro to SUP on Tuesdays or Advanced SUP Yoga on Thursdays. Equipment is provided or you can BYOB (bring your own board). Public classes and private group sessions available.

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private sup yoga & paddle sessions

Find your balance and fun on the water this summer with a private SUP Session. Your choice to focus on yoga or paddling skills - or both!

This session is perfect for a bachelorette party, a birthday celebration, a fun date night, a corporate team building activity, or a gathering of family and/or friends.

All equipment needed is supplied - you show up ready to jump on board. 

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my paddling story

I am now a certified Paddle Canada SUP Instructor, a SUP Yoga Teacher, and a BluWave Brand Ambassador...but I wanted to share y story on how I got here.

I was born and raised in Timmins, I remember always being in the water and always having a canoe around. After I graduated high school, I found myself on Vancouver Island where I started exploring the pacific ocean by kayak. A lot of folks don’t know but I also lived in the tropical south for a few years working in international development. Living so close to the ocean I took up surfing as a new water challenge. Jumping on a SUP board was the next natural fit when I returned home a few years ago.

To me SUP is more than a sport it’ a lifestyle - when I jump on board I feel empowered, free, and life just becomes a little clearer. I love taking folks out for their first SUP experience.

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SUP shop & sessions

frequently asked questions

Do I need to bring my own board or life jacket?

Rebel Soul can provide the boards and all equipment required for you during your session - this includes the boards, life jackets, paddle, whistle, and anchor for SUP Yoga. If you choose the bring your own board (BYOB) option you will be required to bring all the safety gear and anchor. Safety gear is regulated by Transport Canada.

What do I wear and bring to SUP Yoga?

Light breathable clothing, preferably quick dry. I like to wear cropped leggings and a tank top or sports bra. Bring a bottle of water to strap to the top of the board. I suggest leaving a towel and your phone in my car just in case.

Do I need yoga or paddle board experience?

No experience is needed for SUP Yoga or any learn to paddle sessions. Our Tuesday SUP Sessions at 5:30pm are geared towards beginners. An ability to swim or being comfortable in the water is highly recommended.

What is SUP?

SUP stands for Stand-Up Paddleboarding, a prost originating from Hawai out of SUP Surfing.