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We always have fun on the water and never take ourselves too seriously!

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your questions about sup yoga

Do I need prior experience in yoga or stand-up paddleboarding?

Don't worry if you're new to SUP yoga, we welcome everyone! Ease into it with our Gentle SUP Yoga Class, held every Tuesday at 5:30 pm. This class is perfect for beginners and you'll have the opportunity to learn with other newbies. Our instructors are highly trained and will make sure you have a great time while feeling at ease on the water.

Will I fall off the board? What happens if I fall in? 

Falling off the paddleboard could be part of the experience, it can be fun and refreshing. Our trained instructors are here to help you feel comfortable and safe, they will offer tips and guidance on how to get you back on board!

What if it rains?

In the event of inclement weather, we will contact you at least one hour beforehand to ensure you're aware of any cancellations. If a class is cancelled, you will be sent an email with options to reschedule your class. It’s best to book earlier than later to guarantee your spot in the classes as they do fill up quickly.

Is it difficult to stay on the board doing the poses?  

Yoga practice on water is more challenging than on land, but it's also more rewarding. It encourages you to adapt to your poses, stay present, and move with your breath, which improves focus, balance, and strength. The Taiga boards we use for the classes are stable and perfect to help you stay balanced for your SUP Yoga Session. 

Do I need my own board to join?

You do not need your own equipment to participate in our SUP Yoga classes. When you choose to book with a board rental, we provide all equipment needed: board, paddle, life jacket, whistle, leash, anchor. You can also choose to join a SUP Yoga class bringing your own equipment.

stand-up paddle boarding

It’s more than just a board and a paddle - it's a way of life. It's about living in the present and being in tune with the rhythm of nature. Are you ready to let go of the shore, stand in your power, and let the beauty of your soul ripple into this world?

Come join us on the water this summer and make waves! Beginner-friendly classes, single drop-in or class passes available, private group sessions, and SUP Skills workshops!

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