how to use your inflatable stand-up paddle board

how to use your inflatable stand-up paddle board

Congratulations on your purchase of an inflatable stand-up paddle board!

You're now officially a part of the paddle club. This guide has all the necessary information on using, inflating, and maintaining your inflatable SUP board.

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Let’s get into the specifics of how to use your inflatable stand-up paddle board.

Prioritizing Safety: What's Necessary when paddle boarding

While navigating the waterways, paddle boards must be equipped with

If you are paddling between sunset & sunrise you are also required to have a light. You may want to have a dry bag with you to keep your phone and keys protected while paddling. 

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Inflate Your SUP Paddle Board

  1. Unroll the board with the deck-pad side up and fin box side down
  2. Locate the valve on the board - typically at the tail of the board
  3. Find the pin inside the valve. To inflate the board, the pin must be up. Push and twist the pin - this will bring the pin up, or down. This is what stops the air from coming out when you remove the pump. 
  4. Find the appropriate PSI number for your board near the valve. 
  5. Attach the hose of the hand pump or electric pump to the board. 
  6. For the dual action hand pump, when it starts to get harder to pump, switch to a single-action pump on the hand pump. You will be able to start reading the pressure gauge at the top of the pump.
  7. Remove the hose and then screw the cap onto the valve.

A Guide to Attaching the Fin to Your Paddle Board

  • Flip the board deck-pad side down to attach the fin to the board.
  • There are typically two types of fin - one that slides into place or the other comes with a screw and a washer.
  • Fin should be installed curve side facing forward.
  • It’s not recommended to place the board fin side down on land and be mindful of the fin paddling in shallow waters.

Adjusting Your Stand-Up Paddle Board Paddle 

All paddles are adjustable - you’ll typically find a clamp at the top of the paddle that can be lifted to make the paddle taller or shorter. 

To be the perfect fit - stand with the paddle blade side down, reach your hand up holding the handle with a tiny bend in your arm, then close the clamp to hold into place. A long paddle is best to be able to get the entire blade in the water when you paddle.

A Brief Tutorial on How to Attach Your Leash to your SUP Board

Your leash ensures you are attached to your paddle board at all times. This is an added safety element if you fall off your board. Paddle boards typically use coil leashes rather than the straight ones used with surf boards. Attached the leash at the tail end of the board and the other part of the leach attaches to your back ankle. 

Deflating your iSUP Paddleboard

  1. Remove the leash and the fin 
  2. Place the board deck-pad side up and locate the valve 
  3. Remove the valve cap, push on the pin and twist pin clockwise a quarter inch turn - beware of the high pressure that will be release and turn face away from the valve to protect your eyes
  4. Leave board to deflate for a few minutes with the pin down and then roll the board to pack into the board bag

Caring for your stand-up paddleboard 

A few things to note to care for your board

  • Do not drag the board on the ground - make sure to carry it while on land 
  • Go into the water tail/fin side first to protect the fin 
  • Do not leave your paddle board in direct sunlight when not in use. UV rays can cause damage to the board over time.
  • Clean your stand-up paddle board with water and a light cleaner - using a hard brush or harsh detergents can damage the PCV plastic of the board 
  • Dry board before storing - wet boards can get mouldy 
  • You may need to tighten the valve with the wrench in the repair kit from time to time

Now you are ready to join our SUP Yoga and Paddle Skills classes and workshops here in Timmins! Hope to see you on the water soon!

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