join us on a paddleboard yoga backcountry retreat

One to two spaces are left open for this retreat. Please contact directly to book your spot!!

Join us for a backcountry paddle yoga journey through Algonquin Park from July 26 to 28, 2024. The cost is: $975+hst for an all inclusive weekend in the woods together!

This transformative retreat offers you a chance to experience backcountry camping, journey to the edges of your comfort zone, completely unplug, and come home with a renewed sense of purpose. This is where adventure meets soul!

Join us for a paddle adventure that includes yoga, campfires, outdoor adventure, self-discovery, and meaningful conversations. Algonquin Park awaits, ready to be explored and experienced in ways that go beyond the ordinary.

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what's included in your backcountry camping retreat

  • All campfire-cooked meals during the weekend of July 26-28, 2024 
  • All camping equipment - tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat
  • Guided experiences into Algonquin Park by Driftwood Padlde
  • Guided yoga practices and personal growth sessions by Rebel Soul
  • Option to use a canoe instead of your paddleboard

What to bring:

  • Your sup paddleboard, paddle, leash, and PFD (option to rent a Taiga Board from Rebel Soul)
  • Yoga mat
  • Personal items provided in your packing list by Driftwood
  • A dry bag carrying your personal belongings
  • Your positive vibes and sense of adventure

Back your bag and your paddleboard, we will take care of the rest!

Exchange: $975+hst 

Contact to book your spot
  • campfire conversations and camaraderie

    Set up camp under the starlit sky, where shared stories and laughter around the campfire foster a sense of community. Celebrate the joy of togetherness through group activities, communal meals, and the simple pleasure of being present in a natural sanctuary.

  • yoga & self-discovery amid nature's canvas

    Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of the forest as you unroll your mat. Feel the connection between breath and movement as we integrate the teachings of yoga with the wisdom of the wilderness. You'll engage in activities and guided reflections as you navigate both the wilderness and your inner landscape.

  • paddle into serenity

    Paddle your way from Kawawaymog Lake following a river into North Tea Lake in Algonquin Park. The gentle rhythm of your paddle becomes a meditative mantra through serene waterways. Each stroke becomes a metaphor for personal growth, pushing boundaries, and finding balance.

your questions answered

Do I need intermediate stand-up paddleboard experience?

Yes! This is not a trip for novice stand-up paddle boarders.

The paddle journey into the park is about 3 hours long down a waterway with a lot of turns. You'll want to make sure to condition your paddling muscles before this trip, familiarize yourself with proper paddling techniques to turn effectively and not tire yourself out. That being said, this journey is not a race, we will casually paddle together.

Those registered for this retreat who are interested in learning and updating their skills before the retreat will receive 20% off paddle skills training hosted in Timmins by SUP Paddle Board Instructor, Sylvie Lamothe.

Can I join this trip using a canoe instead?

Yes! You have the option of paddling in a canoe provided by Driftwood Paddle for this weekend retreat. Canoes will be provided by Driftwood at no additional cost.

Can I rent a stand-up paddleboard for this retreat?

Yes! Rebel Soul has Taiga Boards available to rent for this experience. Please contact to inquire about a weekend rental that includes the board, paddle, leash, and PFD. The board will be ready for you when you arrive onsite at the retreat.

journey into the backcountry on your stand-up paddleboard

Secure your spot today with early bird registration! Register by December 19th and enjoy a cozy bonus – a complimentary Driftwood Paddle Toque awaits you

This adventure is designed for those seeking more than just a getaway; it's a journey into the depths of personal growth, pushing boundaries, and finding balance.

As the weekend unfolds, a tight-knit community emerges, bonded by shared experiences and a mutual love for adventure. Celebrate the joy of togetherness through group activities, communal campfire meals, and the simple pleasure of being present in a natural sanctuary.

Ready for the adventure? Let’s chat!